About us

Regular walking is proven to help prevent and treat noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and breast and colon cancer. It also helps prevent hypertension, overweight and obesity and can improve mental health, quality of life and well-being. Yet, much of the world is walking less. Failure to act to increase levels of walking will see related costs continue to rise, with negative impacts on health systems, the environment, economic development, community well-being and quality of life. (WHO, 2018) 

Our Mission: 

The Trust’s charitable mission is to create walkways in towns and cities around the world to preserve and protect the physical and mental health of people, advance their education in relation to natural and cultural heritage and promote conservation, protection and improvement of the historical and natural environment. 

Our Story

The Commonwealth Walkway Trust was established in 2012 with a donation made by the Jubilee Walkway Trust, the charity that established the first city Walkway in 1977 and maintained it for 40 years. The first marker on the Commonwealth Walkway was installed in 2014 outside the Glasgow Council Chambers at the start of the Commonwealth Games. Her Majesty The Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, has given her support, allowing each marker to display her personal EIIR Royal cipher and crown. The Queen launched the first completed Commonwealth Walkway in Valetta (Malta) at CHOGM in November 2015 and since then has also launched routes in Windsor, on the occasion of her 90th birthday, and in London at CHOGM in April 2018.

How we work

The Trust is primarily the coordinating body for the delivery of the Commonwealth Walkway initiative in collaboration with communities and authorities in each city. The Commonwealth Walkway is an inclusive, accessible and internationally appreciated initiative.The Trust manages the strategic promotion of the Walkway too with plans to organise an annual Walk for the Commonwealth on the route in the future.

Annual Report and Accounts