The Commonwealth Walkway

A safe, accessible and attractive place in every Commonwealth nation and territory where everyone can walk.

What we do

We are connecting the Commonwealth with a 1,000 km walkable path, linking 100 cities, permanently marking 2,000 points of significance and providing a practical opportunity for a third of the world’s population to be more active.


Most walks are between 5 and 10km, taking an hour or two to walk. They typically link 20 of the most significant sights and aim to be as safe, accessible and welcoming as possible.


Hand casted gunmetal-bronze medals are being installed to make each of the 2,000 points of significance in The Commonwealth. Her Majesty The Queen, as Head of The Commonwealth, kindly gave permission for her personal EIIR cypher and crown to be included in the design.


Accessible guidebooks provide a ‘Passport’ with all the information required to find the medals, follow the path and enjoy the walk.