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Footway Clock

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The Footway Clock. Windsor’s Pavement Clock has been the subject of much interest and speculation in the town over the years. The original clock was installed by Sir Cyril Dyson on 15 May 1950 outside his premises, 9 Thames Street. Dyson was a clockmaker (and former Mayor of Windsor) and he had the idea of putting a clock in the pavement as early as 1938. The war delayed its installation. He used it as a marketing ploy, advertising his shop as ‘the firm with the clock in the pavement’. Some years later the clock mysteriously vanished. It is thought that the clock was removed for maintenance purposes after Dyson & Sons, who were clockmakers to The Queen, closed in the late 1980s. In January 2010 a replacement clock was installed in the former location at the behest of Councillor David Burbage. Furthermore, a time capsule was placed underneath the new landmark, containing contemporaneous information relevant to the town: photographs, film clips, and tour-guides.

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